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Synopsis | Cast and Crew

UPON COMPLETING HIS SERVICE IN THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES, Kobi Zucker needed to get away from the pressures of the ongoing struggles of the Middle East. With memories of his tour of duty in the territories fresh in his mind, he comes to New York City on his way to South America. While working to earn money for his trip, Kobi meets the girl of his dreams. Beautiful and intelligent, Leila is everything that Kobi has ever wanted. But Leila is Palestinian, having come to New York from the West Bank with her family following the death of her oldest brother during the Intifada.

Despite their differences, Kobi and Leila fall in love. Meanwhile, Leila’s only surviving brother, Ghazi, is having his own troubles adapting to life in his new country. Ghazi increasingly comes under the spell of a radical Muslim preacher. Ghazi sees Leila changing and fears that she is no longer an honorable Muslim woman. Ghazi is determined to prevent Leila from dishonoring her family while Leila struggles with her feelings for Kobi and her past.

Can love overcome the ancient hatreds and unhealed wounds dividing Israelis and Palestinians?